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Welcome, Evening Shire and my friends in the real world, to a new start for 2024.

I have never forgotten you and talk about you often. On the verge of a New Year, I just needed to be back in touch with all of you.

EveningShire was my English Village conceived in an extremely trying time- the Pandemic. My daughter was visiting me and after some brainstorming lo and behold the birth of My Village. It was a small village; everybody knew everyone else’s business like in small villages. That was good because you were never alone. Someone was always around to see how you were or if you needed help. I loved my neighbours because they were a figment of my imagination. We disagreed about a lot of things but respected each other’s opinions—my perfect utopia.

It is several years since the birth of the village and times have changed again. Not for the better I will have to admit. The daily headlines often make me wish I were in my Village. So, we will also move on. I live now in a Retirement Community and from now on I would like to share some progress in The Village and some of the living in a real Community.