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Happy Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Happy St. David’s Day to all in Evening Shire. This is our mayor’s, Jennifer, favorite day. To celebrate we, our garden is filled with daffodils.


Rows of Daffodils by Adrian Evans Photography on 500px.com

Daffie Falls by Grant MacDonald on 500px.com

My kind of Daf! by Liam Coburn Dunne on 500px.com

Daffodils by Steve Wallace on 500px.com

daffodils by Kelvin Rumsby on 500px.com

When all at once..... by KENNY BARKER on 500px.com

When Daffodils Bloomed and The Sky Burned by Aswin Gunawan on 500px.com

Yellow Daffodils by VIEWS IN CONTEXT PHOTOGRAPHY on 500px.com