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We believe small business is the heart and soul of our small village. It is the success of our small businesses that bring us joy.
On this Small Business Saturday we want to lift up our small businesses and share with you all the great things they are doing.


Let’s start with A Balanced Life Wellness.


Run by a caring herbalist, Betsy Miller, A Balanced Life Wellness offers tinctures and courses and many other great products. She teaches at Maryland University of Integrative Health and around the Maryland and Virginia. Her philosophy is

“Each one of us is uniquely whole and complete as we are in this moment, and within that wholeness we each have room for growth, change and evolution. By integrating herbal medicines, nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching, we can move together along the spectrum of wellness towards a new and positive state of mind, body and spirit. My role as a healer is to help my clients find and cultivate their natural state of optimal health; I am here to provide my clients with the tools that will empower them to take charge of their own wellness and move from health-care to self-care.”

In Evening Shire, we feature Betsy’s bitter tinctures. These are amazing products. If you have never tried a tincture, it is a different experience from teas or pills. I find them to be easier to take. For a tea you might need to drink a whole cup and pills can be hard to swallow. But a tincture requires sometimes only a dropper. You can place it in a small bit of water or take it straight. And Betsy’s bitters taste great.

Betsy teaches about what a bitter is and how it can help bring wellness. Her bitters are awarding winning. You can buy her webinar on what are bitters and how they can help digestive health here.  We have now made  it is now available on Evening Shire as well.

Betsy’s award winning, coffee bitters are the perfect companion to those Holiday parties and dinners.

Although we only feature Betsy’s tinctures in Evening Shire, she has many other courses and products on her website, A Balanced Life Wellness. Please visit her website and check out all she has to offer.

Show some love to a small business like Betsy’s and promote a healthy economy which supports the creative spirit in all of us.

Coffee Bitters – Award Winning

Bitters are traditionally used by herbalists to improve digestive function; when we take them before meals, we enhance the breakdown of food, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products. Learn More About the bitters in this blend here. 

Webinar on Bitter Herbs; The Key to Digestive Health

Bitter herbs have been used by herbalists for generations to normalize digestive function, improve nutrient absorption, and heal the gut. In this 2-hour class, we explore the many contributing factors to disrupted digestive function, signs & symptoms of gut imbalance, and how we can use both herbs and foods to assist our gut in returning to optimal health! Learn More Here.