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Shopkeep Rules



  1. Monthly payments will be invoiced to you on the 7th of every month. Non payment within 10 days of invoice being sent will close your store. 
  2. Shopkeeps will only offer their own creations and products from their existing store or website. IE Etsy, Zazzle, Amazon or their own E Commerce website.
  3. Shopkeeps will provide their own product links, descriptions and titles. These can come from your existing store.
  4. Any shopkeep found to be using copyrighted material without rights will have their products removed from the site. If the shopkeep has more than 3 copyright infringements their shop will be closed.
  5. No Bullying, No Nudity, No Hate speech. Any shopkeep found to be displaying any of these their store will be closed.
  6. If a shopkeep’s store is closed for a violation of any of the above reasons they will forfeit the rest of the month’s rent.
  7. For a Shopkeep to clothier store,  they must send an email in writing to lisa@eveningshire.com. We will process the closure request within 5 days of notification.
  8. If a Shopkeep decides to close their store they must do it before the 5th day of the month to not be charged for the month. No refunds will be issued if a shopkeep closes their store after the 5th day of the month.
  9. To ensure consistency of brand, Evening Shire will create the shopkeep’s store using resources provided to us by the shopkeep.  (embed codes, images, titles, descriptions Links to blog posts)

Share Incentive Program

  1. All shopkeeps are eligible to participate in the Share Incentive Program.
  2. Participation is voluntary.
  3. A Shopkeep must use the @EveningShire tag and the #ShopEveningShire hashtag in every post to receive points toward their incentives.
  4. When sharing other Shopkeeps art please include an attribution in the post.
  5. All Eligible shares will be counted and the total points will represent the % discounted from the next month’s rent.
  6. Eligible sharing will begin on the 1st of the month and end on the 27th of the month (except February where it will end on the 26th.
  7. Eligible shares with correct tag and hashtag of shopkeep’s own products will receive 1 pt each and eligible shares with correct tag and hashtag of another shopkeep’s products will receive 2pt.
  8. All disputes in the tally of the point must include screenshots of the post(s) by the Shopkeep.

Membership Behavior

  1. Community is the foundation of Evening Shire.. All decisions will err on the side of the community.
  2. No Bullying, No Nudity, No Hate speech. No Spamming