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Deramore has a great many designers available to them. I thought it might be interesting to review a few. My first Designer is Kaffe Fassett. I had knitted for many years and was familiar with Fair Isle. If you wanted to use colour that is where you would turn.

Then in 1985, this book came out called Glorious Knits. Wow, it just blew me away with its explosion of colour. This young man took knitting to new heights. Big wild blocks of colour, the likes of which I had never seen before. He came out in 1993 with a second book Kaffe’s Classics. Just as overwhelming as the first.

By now you have seen several patterns by designers with a great block of colour but if you ever get a chance to see Kaffe Fassett’s books, it will be worth your while.


Vibrant by Kaffe Fassett in Rowan Felted Tweed DK

All you need to create this colourful scarf.

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