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Offer expires 9/29/2019

Not all holidays are for gift giving but the holiday season has begun. Our Jewish brethren have already started. From now on time will just race by and you will say where did it go.

We are starting in the village at Evening Shire Designs with a 50 % off sale on a few favourites items. It will run through September 29th until 2;59;59 EST.


Fleece Blankets

Our Sherpa fleece Blanket ( last year the printer ran out of these blankets early) this is an excellent time to buy. The Tulip tree is probably my favourite at the moment.

Small Totes

We have our small Totes just the right gift for a teacher, your book club friends, workmates or for a grab bag gift. I love this little one with the Red Toadstool.


You name it we probably have it in mugs (floral of course) I chose the Snapdragon Mug because we sold the Snapdragon Pillow and Tote, when we did the are fair at Robinson Mall. Everybody seems to like Snapdragons.

You can see all of our merchandise at https://www.zazzle.com/store/evening_shire_design/products

Remember if you see something that is not on the item you would like to purchase contact us below. Let us know which photo you like and which Item you would like it on. Not all photos are suitable for all items. We will try it and let you know. You must notify us by 12p.m. EST Saturday the 28th to take advantage of this sale. 98% of the photos are taken by Lisa’sKoubou.


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