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Hand Painted Silk 

Our featured artist this month is Eduard Galumow owner of EdGalArts.
Ed is from Tal El Israel. He loves art from his earliest memory and was raised by a family of Artist. He graduated from the Art and Design Shtiglitz Academy in St. Petersburg. He has work in the St. Petersburg Sculpture Museum, the Planetarium and more.
His inspiration for his lovely silk scarves is the sea, sky, beautiful flowers, nice gardens, green hills, in other words, the amazing nature that surrounds us. His process is to ponder over the image, then he sketches and draws it. Next, he makes his colour selections and samples them. After all this preparation, he is finally down to painting the scarf. Some pieces are a digital printing of an original handmade painting.


handmade painted silk scarf

His scarves can be worn as a headpiece (very continental), several different ties around your neck. Use it as a belt or tie to a trendy bag. All scarves are 100% silk and limited edition prints. 

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