What’s Blooming in the Evening Shire Garden?

Come visit frequently to see some of the beautiful blooms. Stroll through the garden to take a break from your stressful day.

(To give some love to the photographers that captured these beautiful flowers, click on the heart that appears in the top right corner of each picture when you hover over the picture. This will take you to the photographers image on 500px. )

Summer Blooms in the Garden

Summer Blooms in the Garden

We hope you enjoy these beautiful blooms from the Gardens at Chanticleer in Philadelphia. To view the complete gallery and receive the password become a patron of Lisa’s Koubou at Patreon.com


White flowers with yellow centers
large pink flower
Red Poppy
Purple flowers among white flowered background
Day lilies
Damsel Fly


It’s Spring!

Spring is slowly coming to Evening Shire. Enjoy these beautiful touches of spring. If you have a 500px.com account click the hearts to give some love to these photographers. 


Myddleston Gardens, Ensfield, England by Lisa Missenda on 500px.com
prime of life II by Joachim G. Pinkawa on 500px.com
Brier flover by Marek Horvath on 500px.com
Pink Blossom by Ralf Hecktor on 500px.com
Wild Flower by Dave Tickell on 500px.com
Lovely Pink by TEZ TAGAYA on 500px.com
snowdrop by Zsolt Goór on 500px.com

St. David’s Day

Happy Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Happy St. David’s Day to all in Evening Shire. This is our mayor’s, Jennifer, favorite day. To celebrate we, our garden is filled with daffodils.


Rows of Daffodils by Adrian Evans Photography on 500px.com
Daffie Falls by Grant MacDonald on 500px.com
My kind of Daf! by Liam Coburn Dunne on 500px.com
Daffodils by Steve Wallace on 500px.com
daffodils by Kelvin Rumsby on 500px.com
When all at once..... by KENNY BARKER on 500px.com
When Daffodils Bloomed and The Sky Burned by Aswin Gunawan on 500px.com
Yellow Daffodils by VIEWS IN CONTEXT PHOTOGRAPHY on 500px.com

The Earth Becomes Damp

What’s Blooming?

Today begins the ancient Japanese season of “The Earth Becomes Damp” . We have entered the time of the Rain Water. We hope you enjoy these blooms and share some love to our photographers.


flower by A Rice on 500px.com
Mother and Daughters by Benjamin Plouffe on 500px.com
Kew Gardens in July by Lisa Missenda on 500px.com
Spring time by Linda Morel on 500px.com
Towards the Light by Mikhail Falenkov on 500px.com
Coneflower Kew Gardens in July by Lisa Missenda on 500px.com