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Evening Shire Design is a place to get products created and inspired by the photographs of Lisa Missenda.
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Hi my name is Jennifer and I am the proprietor of Evening Shire Design.

This Begonia is so fascinating. Just love the curl of it foliage with it variegated colouring. Looks so soft when you see it this close. It came from a photo taken by Lisa Missenda ( permission given). One of the groups taken this past summer in a century-old garden in the suburbs of London, England. More of these photos can be seen at LisaKoubou.

I love the English Bluebell once everywhere now hard to find. Lisa Missenda (used with permission) found these in a century-old Garden in the suburbs of London. She was in England this past summer and bought back a lot of beautiful photos. To see more, also her great Calendar of Kew Gardens go to LisaKoubou

This Tote shows another exotic orchid. Such an interesting flower from the most delicate pastels to deep deep jewel tones. This is another of Lisa Missenda’s photo (used with permission). Taken in early spring in Richmond Virginia. More of her work can be seen at LisaKoubou.

An Anthurium lily looks artificial even in real life. It is its waxy appearance. A native of Hawiia it is very easy to care for. Lisa Missenda (used with permission) took this photo at Longwood Gardens, Pa. She goes most years to see its holiday display. To see more photos go to LisaKoubou.

These saucy little white flowers are trying very hard to steal the limelight from the gorgeous Cymbidium Orchid. However, it would take a great deal to do that. These Orchids are so delightful. Lisa Missenda (permission was given) photographed these on her annual visit to Longwood Gardens in Pa.  More of these photos can be seen at LisaKoubou.

This dear little orchid with its leopard type markings. Orchid are a very fascinating group of florals they come in so many shapes, sizes and colours. Lisa Missenda (permission was given) found this little specimen at Longwood Gardens, Pa. More Orchids can be seen at LisaKoubou.

This pillow invites you in the depths of winter to have hope spring will be here before you click your heels. Where ever Lisa Missenda ( used with Permission) takes photos, no matter the time of year, I always find something that gives me hope. This was taken at Longwood Gardens. To find maybe your need for inspiration you can go to LisaKoubou.

This is another flower that does well in Englands gardens. It likes its daily refreshing treat of fine rain. There is nothing worse than a wilted Snapdragon. These stately ones were found by Lisa Missenda (permission is given) in a century-old garden in the suburbs of London this past summer. To see more of the images she took there go to LisaKoubou.