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Christmas Traditions

Today in our looking at tradition the origins of Christmas cards is fairly recent. Do you have your Christmas cards yet? Lisa has a great deal on her cards just go to Lisa’sKoubou

Christmas Cards

Popularised by Sir Henry Cole and artist John Horsley who created the first official Christmas card in 1843 in order to encourage the use of the recently created post office.

In Victorian times there were some questionable Christmas card designs including murderous frogs or mice riding on lobsters!

Christmas Robins ( the British Robin is about half the size of an America Robin, He is a cheeky little fellow and not afraid of Humans) One popular design that still appears across all forms of Christmas decorations is the Red Robin.

Their link began when postmen in Victorian times wore red tunics, which was likened to the distinctive red breast of the Robin, meaning the postie was nicknamed “robins”. This saw the robin introduced to Christmas cards as a representation of the postie making their seasonal deliveries.

Fun Fact: The breast of a Robin is actually Orange but the bird was named before Orange existed as a word in the English language, only appearing after the 16th century when the fruit and word were introduced to the country.

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