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Calla Lily Blooms from the Garden

Thank you Metro Flower Market for the beautiful Calla Lilies. I spent some time exploring these beauties. I love the contrast and variations of the colors. Calla Lilies are also known as Trumpet Lilies and bloom in the late summer. These flowers are native to Southern Africa and they come in a number of different colors. They represent magnificence and beauty as well as whatever the color you choose means which gives these flowers a lot of symbolic meaning.

Calla Lilies like to grow in marshy lands which reminds me of the story about the marsh lands in Where the Crawdads Sing .

These beauties are a gorgeous shade of purple pink with the bases of the flowers a springtime green. These are making me long for spring with their color vibrancy.

I hope you enjoy these Calla Lilies.  

Calla Lilies
Calla Lily Bud
Calla Lily Detail