Welcome to Evening Shire

We are building a shopping experience based on the charm and values of an English Village.

In Evening Shire,  you will find characters, stories, unique gifts, tutorials and some really nice people. We are passionate about building a community of artists and entrepreneurs, and we believe that anyone who puts themselves out there to share their ideas and creations, deserves to be seen.

Our inaugural shops include a knitting accessory shop, a specially design gifts shop, a general store, a jewellry shop, a card and book shop and a memorial shop. Evening Shire also has a beautiful garden where you can take a stroll through the beautiful flowers.

We invite artists to join us in Evening Shire. Learn more about renting a shop today.

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What’s Happening Around Evening Shire

The Story of Evening Shire

Shaun Starts His Investigation

The room was abuzz with female voices. Above the clatter of tea cups and the clicking of needles, a constant murmur created such a din that it seemed everyone was speaking at once and to no one in particular. Sitting a little removed, Jayne perched on her chair, ringing a handkerchief in her hands and looking anxiously about the room. Had she kicked an ant pile by relating the events that had transpired the last twenty-four hours? Would fingers be pointed? Accusations made? 

Taking a knitting needle firmly in her mayoral hand, Jennifer tapped loudly on the arm of her chair. The chatter broke off abruptly. 

Miss Matty’s Knitting Tips

Using Technology to Knit

We give some starting tips on your first project. You can choose from a wash/dish towel or a scarf. We look at 2 yarns to use on your new projects.

Featured at Lisa’s Koubou

Tell Fear It Can’t Drive – Living the Creative Life Book Review

Are you a creative? A lot of the people I know don’t believe they are creative. They live lives of family and work and faith. They don’t see all the things they do that are filled with creativity. I believe we every day live creative lives just to survive from day to...

What’s Blooming in the Garden

Summer Blooms in the Garden

Summer Blooms in the Garden We hope you enjoy these beautiful blooms from the Gardens at Chanticleer in Philadelphia. To view the complete gallery and receive the password become a patron of Lisa's Koubou at Patreon.com  

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It's Spring! Spring is slowly coming to Evening Shire. Enjoy these beautiful touches of spring. If you have a 500px.com account click the hearts to give some love to these photographers.   

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Become a Shopkeep in Evening Shire

We are looking for artists and entrepreneurs, who want to be part of a new way of sharing your creations.

We want artist who value community and communication.

We know it is hard to get traffic to your Etsy store or Website. You know you have a great product.
It’s just so hard to get it to the people who will buy.

Become part of the Evening Shire Community and together we can share your creations with a wider audience. 

Become an Evening Shire ShopKeep Today

We want to hear from you. Share your stories and your dreams. Let us know what you would like to see in our stores. Or tell us about an artist that inspires you. Our door is open come on by and say hello. 

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